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Materials List for P.E. and Science


As of 7/31/21, the materials needed for P.E. are:

1) Shorts and Shirt (Clothes for running and exercise)

2) Water Bottle

3) Shoes for running or exercise


The materials for Science are:

1) Pencils

2) 1 Composition Book

Andrew Kim


Hello Everyone! 


My name is Andrew Kim and I am the Science/P.E. teacher for the middle school grades.  I am excited for this school year as it will hopefully be a return to normalcy where students will be able to actively participate in their learning with their peers.  I believe in creating a sense of community in the classroom to modify the classroom into a collaborative scheme which encourages students to take control of their learning.  


I am from the Monterey Bay area and have lived and worked in the area for most of my life.  After receiving a B.S. degree from UC Irvine, I had involved myself into the field of education through substitute teaching, after school programs, and summer camps.  I am excited to utilize my strengths as an educator and role model to provide students the best stimulus for their learning.  


Additionally, I hope to encourage students to strive for excellence in not only academics, but extracurriculars.  As I have many interests and passions in music and technology, I hope to provide students with after school programs later in the year to give them an opportunity to start or develop new passions.  


I truly believe that learning does not stop in the classroom and should be constantly improved upon by taking on different challenges and interests.  At the moment, my own goals are to develop my guitar skills, learn how to sign language, and be a better cook!


I look forward to meeting you all!